How to Deal with an OUI Case

Life can be very stressful so sometimes even when you know you would be driving your car later on, you drink with some friends. You probably have done this a few times and you got away with it. But if finally you get caught and charged with DUI in Maine, the only option left to you is to look for DUI lawyer.

In Maine DUI is OUI which stands for Operating under Influence of alcohol or other intoxicating substances and no matter what the charge is called it is no laughing matter. OUI is considered a criminal offense in Maine. Consider the following. For first time offense without aggravating factors you can be suspended for 150 days, for first time offense with aggravating you can be suspended 150 days and do 48 hours jail time. The penalties progressively become heavier for repeated and succeeding offenses. click here to get started

It is obvious that you cannot treat OUI charge lightly even if it's the first time. One hundred fifty days not being able to drive could be too much. Moreover, you'd have a criminal record   which could pose difficulties for you in the future. If later you look for a job, that record could work against you.

DUI is a common problem and in Maine that's true as well. the silver lining is you can many law firms in the  state specializing in DUI cases.  You should get the best among them.  Lawyers naturally want you to beat the case. That's their duty. So it is important that you find a maine oui attorney who can do that.  find somebody who knows the law through and through,  experienced, and familiar with knows how the  enforcers and courts  work and have  good working  relationships with them. 

It should not be difficult to find the best maine oui attorney even if you rely only on the information supplied in law firms web sites. You are likely to get reliable representation from law firms that have been handling DUI cases for  a long time.  Logic will tell you that its lawyers have accumulated vast experience and have established   good working relationship with the police and courts. The police are generally shows leniency to first time offenders and even more inclined to show it if you are represented by a lawyer they know. As long there are no serious aggravating factors, the lawyer can probably work a deal where you can have your records stricken in exchange for something that you can do to prevent a recurrence of the case. Read on maine oui attorney

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